The Home Buying Process

Once you have completed your online research, you should begin the home buying process by forming trusting relationships with a realtor and a mortgage professional. By choosing people you enjoy working with on a regular basis, your experience will be both pleasant and successful. Schedule a no cost, no obligation, introductory meeting with each of these professionals. Since this is an informal meeting, you can even plan to meet at your favorite coffee shop!

The next step in the home buying process is to get pre-approved for a loan. During this stage, your mortgage professional will determine how much financing you qualify for. After you achieve pre-approval status, you will not only become aware of all aspects of your particular loan; you will also gain legitimacy as a prospective buyer in the eyes of potential sellers and their realtors. Gaining this knowledge and negotiating power should only come at a minimal cost. Most mortgage professionals will only request that you pay the cost associated with pulling your credit report.

Having received a preliminary loan approval, you will begin working more closely with your realtor. After finding the home which best suits you, your next step will be to make an offer on the property. Your realtor will handle all of the paperwork and be able to advise you as needed.

After your offer has been accepted, you will once again meet with your mortgage professional. At this meeting, you and your loan officer will complete the final paper work, finalize the loan details, lock the interest rate, and prepare for closing. To continue your research, visit any mortgage professional’s page on this website and click the Learning Center link.

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Future Buyer Program

If you are not ready for pre-approval, our Future Buyer Program is right for you. This program will accomplish three things at no cost or obligation to you. First, you will be educated on the overall process of buying a home. Second, we will analyze your current financial situation and make specific recommendations that will help you afford the investment of your new home. Third, you will gain an understanding of the steps needed to improve your credit score in order to obtain the best loan program and interest rate possible. Please call for you’re no cost, no obligation meeting today.

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